Glycol chilling unit in a microbrewery

Glycol chilling unit in a microbrewery

Glycol chilling unit in a microbrewery

Glycol chilling unit in a microbrewery

Glycol water system is necessary for wort cooling and fermenters cooling.
The typical glycol water system includes a glycol water tank, 1 or 2pcs chillers, glycol water pipeline(pump).
The chillers what we use are self controlled type, there is a temperature sensor equipped with per chiller. The temperature sensor is used for measuring the temperature of glycol water in GWT.
In this way, if the temperature in GWT is higher than set temperature, chillers will start working.

In order to monitor the temperature in GWT, another sensor connect the GWT and control cabinet for temperature displaying.
Then we can easily know the situation in GWT.

Glycol water pump is installed at the outlet of GWT, whether it works or not is decided by the temp of cooled tanks.
Another usage of glycol water is wort cooling. During wort cooling process, it’s better to switch the pump to manual model, and close the solenoid valves which are for fermentation system. In this case, it will avoid the warmed glycol water affecting the temperature of fermenters as much as possible.

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